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Alumni basketball playerIn its nearly 150 years, Lincoln College has worked to transform thousands of students into successful, charitable members of society. Each student takes a different part of LC with them upon their departure; however, each student’s memory respectively contributes to the history, vitality, and success of the college.

We know that those cherished experiences and memories have made each one of its students who they are today.

Following is a listing of favorite memories provided by alumni. If you would like to add your own memories, please complete and submit the Remember When form

I Remember When…

I met my new roommate at Olin Sang in 1970 – Sue Knetl. She is still my friend to this day. Sue helped me in so many ways to adjust to life coming from New York to Lincoln to Chicago.

– Chris (Knizeski) Boccard, Class of 1972

My roommate Russ Davis and I ran a couple of businesses out of our dorm room as freshmen. Russ gave hair cuts for 25 cents and I made pay day loans at 10 percent interest per day. “Run out of money on Wednesday and your allowance doesn’t come till Friday? No problem. Come see Honest Bob.”

– Bob Pelikan, Class of 1959

We could buy gas in Lincoln at less than 50 cents a gallon. Hickey – was the guy who ran the pool hall, Sammy Sorrento (pizza) would deliver pizzas to campus in his hot red Chevy, corn field ‘keggers’ and Saturday steak night in the food service. I also remember there were 2 Dean’s lists…. And I made them both!

– Karl “Skip” Kitchen II, Class of 1972

Being a part of the “new” WLNX. At this time, the station had been out of commission for quite a while. When I was a freshman, we got the station back on the air in a minimal capacity. By the time I was a sophomore, the station was running at full strength. It was a great, rewarding experience to help bring the station back. My peers and I spent a lot of long hours doing legwork, with the assistance of John Malone, the faculty advisor. I’m proud of the
role I played in that whole process.

The second things I recall fondly are the men’s basketball games in the 2005-06 season. My best friend, David Pickering, played on the team. They were an excellent group of guys. Growing up in Central Illinois, I learned a lot by spending time with these students from Chicago, Indianapolis and other places. While I love the new Lincoln Center and Jack Nutt Arena, Davidson-Sheffer Gymnasium had its own unique magic in the air.

It was a great place to watch a game, in the small gym and intimate environment that came with it as a fan.

– Justin Tierney, Class of 2007

Not easy to keep my memories of Lincoln College to a few lines; I could have written a chapter. “Great friends, Great teachers, Growing up! Many of the friends I met at LC remain my friends today. The professors, especially Ertel and Daniels, led me in the direction I count most useful to my everyday skills. Learning to live in a dorm with many personalities, having relationships that didn’t always work out and figuring out how to managing my time between school work and fun were all necessary in helping me grow into adulthood. Thank you Lincoln College.”

– Lynn (Pople) Petty, Class of 1976

I enjoyed the time I had at Lincoln, because we always had parties on the weekend. Mr. Daniels was one of the teachers I remember most because he was instrumental in my choice and ability to earn an accounting degree. Mr. DiLillo was the teacher I loved the most because we took a trip overseas with him and his wife to Italy.

– Steven Fox, Class of 1970